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Summer time!



Picked up this gem in NYC. The most amazing smelling PLANT-based candle. Been sniffing this non-stop!

Ashi1781 (Midtown - NYC)

Two new soy candles from @loidnoble. Got it at the Washington Square Park Fair today! I will always need and use candles. Always. Anyone else?

Jessica M. (Washington Park - NYC)

When I first put my nose to this candle I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. I thought about being home with a cup of tea in the winter or a glass of wine in the spring. @loidnoble has created my all time favorite candle. If you know me, everything has a meaning, Frankincense and Myrrh is great for a warm and inviting scent but also is great for meditation, manifestation and healing. They also have a Sandalwood candle that’s great as well. These are all natural candles.

Tamiko F. (Westwood, LA)

Another great small business @loidnoble. Makes amazing smelling soaps and candles. And there is a sale right now for 25% off. So even though we're all staying in we might as well smell nice. #shopsmall

Anna M. (New Jersey)

Sunday mornings call for cookies and candles!! This @loid_noble eucalyptus candle and linen spray does wonders for a stuffy nose and helped me relax after a busy week! 🕯🍪🕯

Ashley K. (Westwood, LA)

Calling all #sandalwoodlovers ... #loidnoble has the #bestcandles besides smelling like perfection these candles burn clean and evenly #essentialoils #handpouredcandles #selfcare

Tammy F. (Newport Beach, CA)

Honestly these are the best candles by far I have ever purchased

Ashvin Melwani (NYC)

I’d love to sell your soaps especially!!! All natural so goes with our hippie lifestyle and we are hoping to inspire everyone to go vegan and cruelty free everywhere they can!

Sunshine Saraswati (Delaware, PA)

We absolutely love your candles! Even my husband is obsessed and he usually could care less about things like that.
My mom says she gets the best sleep after burning the lavender one.
My sister in law, just sent me pics of her new ones. She said, “tell me again way I waited so long to listen to you, I’m in love ” Honestly, the best candles ever!!

Holly Chubbuck (NYC)


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